Training? Training! Podcasts!

If you’re in charge of training for your company - what are the costs involved in that?

I’m guessing:

 - Room hire

 - Coach hire

 - Loss of work as workers are attending training

Just those 3 things on their own will run into the many hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds.

What if I told you that we could severely minimise your costs for training? 

Maybe you’re expecting me to say something virtual, something online-based that means that people take the course at their desk, rather than going to a meeting room, yes? Well, that only really deals with one of the costs, and that’s room hire.

How about delivering training for your company that can be rolled out and taken during the employee’s commute?

We are using the power of podcasting to deliver training to the right people, in the form of a clickable link, which they can listen to in their own time - no room cost, no coach cost, no role play, no ‘half a day lost’ cost.

Let me give you an example. Rolls Royce wanted to tell 2,000 of their employees about the changes to their Gifts & Hospitality policy. This is something that they would have normally taken up 2-3 hours to deliver, with coaches, room hire and lost work hours all having to be figured in.

Instead, I recorded, edited and produced a Training Podcast that could be sent out via email to everyone that needed to see it. Via my analytics I could also tell the company how many people had listened to the training, when they had listened to it - and where in the world they had listened to it. 

This is what it sounded like:

Within just a few days, they had a 91% uptake on the training - and all it cost them was the production of the audio.

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