Are You Taking The Mick With A Mic?

We have a lot of people getting in touch, wanting to talk about podcasts.

One of the first questions they ask is about the equipment - what do they need?

Our answer is always the same - a microphone, some headphones, and an editing program.

"A microphone?" they say "But my phone (or laptop) has got a microphone built in! Why do I need to spend thousands on a microphone?"

First of all - you don't need to spent thousands. You can - but you don't need to. (If you fancy spending about £5k, we can recommend the Neumann U67 - a beautiful microphone). You can get a good quality microphone for under £200 - that's what we used for the first few months of podcasting. We've upgraded since, still kept the price below £300.

Have a listen to this little recording I made, using different microphones...

Now - we haven't fiddled about with the quality, or the volume of those recordings - and we recorded all 3 in our office, which is predominantly bare walls.

You can definitely hear the difference, can't you?

We get genuinely upset when we hear podcasts - or any audio, really - that has been badly recorded.

That's why we always recommend investing in a decent microphone - and why we use professional quality microphones for our client podcast recordings.

You make sure that your logo looks great, and that your profile picture shows off your best side, and that your articles are well constructed - so why skimp on sounding as good as you possible can?

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