Well done! You’ve proved that you can click on something on the internet! Your family must be very proud.

So – what do you need?

  • Podcast workshops and production
  • Event Hosting
  • Public speaking workshops
  • Press Interview training
  • Radio consultancy
  • A cup of tea

Well, we can provide ALL of these for you. Yep – even the cup of tea. Seriously. I mean, we’re not going to post it out to you, but if you came to our place then we’d definitely make you one. Not out of a machine or anything.

So – let’s go through what we’ve got so far, shall we?


Podcasts. What are they? How do I find them? Is it something that I need to be doing? Some people call podcasts the future of broadcasting. Don’t get left behind. There are millions of podcasts available, on thousands of subjects and here at MonkeyPants Productions we can help you join this ever-growing community. We have workshops that explain just what podcasts are, how they can help get your message or subject out there – and how you can go about making them. We’ll even help you do that, if you like. We already help with a couple of podcasts, including the monthly one at Birmingham Children’s Hospital – we’d be more than happy to have you on board. Find out more by getting in touch here, or sign up for regular podcast tips and advice ​here​​​


From small corporate events to tens of thousands of people, we have hosted them all. Hosting can also include auctions too – we’ve done a few of them in our time. Basically, if you have an event that needs someone at the front – geeing people up, bringing people on, keeping a crowd amused, announcing nominees and winners – then you need to speak to us ​here.


Standing up in front of a crowd, even something small like 4 or 5 people, is some people’s vision of hell. Quick tip – don’t try the “imagine them naked’ thing, it just makes it awkward for everyone. Instead, ask about our Public Speaking Workshops. They can be tailored for any number of people and we make sure that you’re prepared for anything that speaking in public can throw at you. Even the occasional streaker. Stop being nervous about it, get in touch here. OR if you'd like help dealing with nerves in a virtual setting, click ​here​​​


Whether you are the one doing the interviewing, or the one being interviewed – we can help. We will take you through the process, the traps and the dodges that can occur on both sides. We’ll look at the prep, the style, the pace – even post-interview feedback. From MP’s, CEO’s to the corner shop grocer, the local journalist or the national interviewer – everyone needs help. And that’s where we come in. Get in touch here or sign up for regular tips and tricks in your Inbox ​here​​​


The team here at MonkeyPants Productions have been involved in radio, in one way or another, for about 30 years. Hospital radio, small community stations, commercial, BBC, regional & national – we’ve done them all. And we can help you do it too. If you are just starting out, or moving into a new area that seems a little scary – don’t worry. We’ll wipe your brow (metaphorically, of course) and walk you through it. We look at prep, presentation, delivery, knowing your audience, using the right social media and basic vocal training. Go on, put a long song on and get in touch with us here.