He’s Not Standing For That!

Anthony is a lovely guy, very amenable, very likeable.

However, he can come across as a little hesitant in his answers - and I think that this is down to the fact that he is quite shy, and not someone who is used to talking about his sport. He prefers to let the boxing speak for him.

The interview starts off with quite a forthright question; there’s no gentle introduction to this - straight in with a tough one. He handles it well, if a little falteringly. Again, I think that’s his natural style, as opposed to any uncomfortableness that he feels.

One of the things that struck me whilst watching it, though, is his pose. Sitting on the side of the ring (which is the right thing to do - the size difference when standing between him and the reporter could have come across as comical), but with one leg raised. It looks little unnatural - and uncomfortable. 

I realise that he wants to look relaxed and fully at home in his surroundings, and with the interview - but it’s something I really bumped up against. 

The only other reason I can think of is that if he’d sat on the side of the ring, with his legs hanging down, that puts his body facing away from the reporter - and that could have looked a little rude.

If you’re ever doing an interview, or a video for your company - spend some time thinking about the area you’re going to record it. What can you see in the background? How do the colours around you make you look on camera? Washed out? Flushed?

Also - like in this interview - think about your pose. Are you standing or sitting? How much of will be visible? Can you comfortable face the camera/interviewer? If not, ask about changing the placing of the camera.The last thing you want is for attention to be anywhere other than on what you’re saying.

This was a nice interview for Anthony Joshua. He spoke well about the sport, and clearly has a real passion. He’s also clearly had some media training, because he answered some of the more difficult questions in such a democratic way, it’s hard to think that he’s not been taught that!

He kept good eye contact throughout, which is a great thing and something that carries more power than so many people realise.

All in all, this was a lovely interview that showed Anthony off in a good way - him and his media team should be pleased with it!

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