Monkey Pants Productions



Mark Clews

Pete is excellent in the help and support that he provides. He clearly knows his stuff when it comes to broadcasting and production, but not only that is able to explain it in a way that even the non-media savvy (like myself) understand.

Pete is meticulous in the attention to detail that he shows. His feedback comes across as supportive and constructive, rather than being critical. He certainly knows how to inspire and motivate … so much so i’m busy putting some of his suggestions into action at the moment (well other than this quick post to give some honest feedback). If you want some help in how to improve your output on the microphone, Pete is your man! (Feb 2017)


Richard Cupper

Having worked with Pete on a number of projects I was delighted when he was available to conduct a public speaking/speaking with confidence workshop with my staff members. The training delivered by Pete certainly made a big difference to all of us, some very simple yet effective techniques have given us all greater confidence. I would certainly recommend working with Pete, his friendly approach but excellent attention to detail is second to none. (Apr 2017)


Holly Sutton

Pete came and did a Public Speaking Workshop with me and my colleagues the other day and was fantastic! I would highly recommend Pete as he is also the MC for the Sports Awards dinner we run each year and can entertain a whole room easily! Thank you for all your help Pete! (Apr 2017)


Mark Northall

Pete is a top guy. Very knowledgable at all things sound related. Great person to deal with and I’m happy to recommend him and MonkeyPants! (Mar 2017)


Gemma Morrissey

I really enjoyed the public training course Pete did for myself and my colleagues and already feel more confident, I highly recommend!!!
Thank you Pete. (Apr 2017)